Sunday, September 19, 2010


Sunday is usually a day I get caught up on house work and do all the little things I have been putting off all week. So this Sunday I decided it was time to wash the car seats and clean out the jeep as it was getting pretty full of trash/toys/odd stuff. Since it was such a nice day out (I mean nice!! You could actually sit outside with out sweating.) I thought I could take the two car seat outside with some soap and water and wash them down so they could sun dry.... well my luck kicked in and just as I took the covers off to wash them is started raining, go figure right!

Right after my helper and I got done washing up the car seats it stopped raining.

Something about fresh clean car seats just make me want to go for a road trip!

Oh and I must show you my thrift store find!!! I always go to this same thrift store every Saturday when they open. We find lots of good things. This week I found one of the bags that hang off the seat to hold anything you choose. I paid 10 cents for it. Came home and tossed it in the washer and hung it out to dry and now its good as new!

I put 2 baggies of snacks and little misses sunglasses in one pocket...

A pencil and a pack of wipes in the other little pocket...

On the bottom there is a big pocket in that one I put a diaper for little man (He is a little boy I watch during the day while his mother teaches high school. Little Miss is my one and only child) a change of clothes for little miss, a dvd (free willy), 2 books, paper and some stickers all to keep her entertained if we get caught up waiting somewhere...

Such a great find to keep the stuff that is usually just tossed all over the back seat.

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