Monday, September 20, 2010

Oh Mondays how I dislike you so!

Monday just needs to disappear and never be seen again! Seems like all my Mondays end with a headache. Sure felt like I was talking more to the walls then 3 kids. Stop touching, No, did you hear me, No, Please stop fussing, No, stop yelling, No, do not run in the house, No, share, No ..... on and on all day long!! I'm wiped out tonight, a Three, two and one year old kicked my butt. Thanks heavens for Seven o'clock bedtime!!!

I could not of been a happier mom tonight when the lights went off and good night was said. I still had much work to do before I could sit down and relax but at least I could rest my head while doing them (Does this sound like a pity me post?..... ah well good because it is).

 The laundry is done, dishes are cleaned, toys are picked up and I can finally sit and relax in my ten by eight little world of perfect peace.

So next week we will be renaming Monday because I hate love it so much we need to come up with a pretty little name for it.

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